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MSCL YesWetWiily

Discussion in 'Free Agent Profiles' started by Wiilyy, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. Wiilyy

    Wiilyy Novice Player

    Ign: WetWiily
    Wins: uh all my alts combined it would be about 1.2k
    KDR: 2.8 (I did the math ez)
    Position: Very Spicy Lurker
    Previous Teams: ? None
    Time zone: EST
    About me: I am the owner of Mineplex, recruit me or get banned loser.
  2. Wiilyy

    Wiilyy Novice Player

  3. Pelvis

    Pelvis Novice Player

  4. Wiilyy

    Wiilyy Novice Player

  5. Ruud04

    Ruud04 Experienced Player

    willy you were on ALT and C6 wdym

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