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CWCL [US] Doughboys Recruiting

Discussion in 'Team Recruitment' started by DRAMATICALLY, Jun 8, 2018.


    DRAMATICALLY Novice Player

    We're a new team tryna get t1 but its hard out here so y'know we need some more players. I'm not about to get deep into this so if you wanna trial just um fill out this app and i might reach out to you.

    Application Format:

    Past Teams:
    First/Secondary kit:
    A bit about yourself:
    What's your discord?:
    Any experience in other leagues?:

    Keep in mind that in order to receive trial you MUST
    1. This is not really required, but it would be a plus if you have any past experiences in other leagues, preferably CCL or BCL.
    2. Be over 13+
    3. Have great game sense and be good at pvp.
    If you have any questions pm me on discord eugene#1545
  2. BoogieIsBoss

    BoogieIsBoss Novice Player

    IGN: eBoogiee
    Age: 15
    Mic: yes
    Past Teams: Bolt
    First/Secondary kit: Archer or Builder (Builder I don't speed bridge well I just have common sense tbh )
    A bit about yourself: I love to be around fun and positive people and can really ignite a spark in a team even though I'm not as great as others.
    What's your discord?: BoogieIsBoss#3407
    Any experience in other leagues?: BCL (Been on plenty of teams) and MBCL if you count that even though I barely played it...

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