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Podcrash Competitive Update!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Vilare, Dec 25, 2018.

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  1. Vilare

    Vilare Podcrash Manager / Chairman


    Hello everyone! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy your time with your friends and family as that is very important, however here at the MCL work never stops and I am here to present to you our Christmas present to you all as a community, that being us teaming up with Podcrash to bring to you our newest project, Podcrash Competitive League (PDCL)!

    I know we just rebranded into Minecraft Competitive League, but with our expansion, we decided we will need a lot more resources on our side to continue to provide for you all the competitive experience you deserve. In order to do this, we decided cohesively with our partners at Podcrash to rebrand ourselves into the Podcrash Competitive League and become an official component of the Podcrash Company.

    So you may be asking, why would we do that? Aren’t they just a mod? Well to many’s surprise, Podcrash+, the mod we all know of in our community, is not all this company has to offer! Podcrash is a company ran by Callum and serves as the umbrella term for several different organizations such as their Media Team, Build Team, Development Team, and now their Competitive Organization. With this change we are launching today, we will be able to use their resources to build a much greater competitive experience within this community, one that shatters the very idea of Competitive not only in Minecraft but potentially across the entire gaming industry.

    You will see many changes in terms of how we operate due to this especially in the quality in terms of our media presence, use of Podcrash+ with its update in order to run better for all players, and a much wider audience to present ourselves to. So if you are a new face who follows Podcrash and is seeing us for the first time welcome aboard and get ready for a wild ride!

    New Website
    A great feature that will be at our resources for generations to come with this new merge is a remade website! Introducing the Podcrash Competitive Website! (https://podcrashcomp.com)

    This website will be what we use to operate everything on, from our team registrations, roster updates, newsletters such as this one, staff applications, showcasing rosters and rules, and much more while building a community to let you as the community use some of our resources to create your own leagues! That’s right our platform will be officially endorsing other community created leagues and events so that you as the player base can create whatever it is you wish to see a competitive atmosphere in, however that does not mean we are officially endorsing all of these leagues and events that are created. They are solely community ran by using our platforms. To become officially endorsed will be done through a certain procedure which will be announced at a later time.

    We will still be using our current websites until a smooth transition is made into this one and some things are fixed up, but we are announcing this so you can make your accounts and create your teams so we can use those databases when we completely finish everything on the website so please do not delay and check it out!

    I can speak on behalf of the MCL Global Team that we are very excited to work with Podcrash and create something much more revolutionary than our creators could’ve ever possibly imagined. I’m sure you can tell many large operations are on the way and I can’t wait to fill you all in with what we’re creating.

    There’s a lot coming and I can tell you this merge is just the beginning. Team Leaders especially will need to be keeping an eye out for what’s next as there will be a lot of changes to how rosters and team leader updates work as well as managing your team.

    If you have any questions regarding this you can message me or anybody else on the Global Team on Discord. You can also message Callum (Callum#0001) if you are interested in the foundation of Podcrash and want more information on it! You can also visit their websites at:


  2. Dev

    Dev Chief Executive Officer

  3. claire

    claire League Host

  4. Koll

    Koll Publications Lead

    Amazing! Awesome Present!
  5. Coco

    Coco Novice Player

  6. BrushStrokes

    BrushStrokes Novice Player

    Super cool!

    Coming from the Podcrash Plus side of this merge, I'm super excited to see how this plays out in expanding the competitive minecraft scene as a whole!
  7. rodcad66

    rodcad66 MSCL Head Host

  8. Ryan

    Ryan Experienced Player

    yea ok buddy this is going to lead nowhere
  9. Flo

    Flo Novice Player

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