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Discussion in 'Ideas & Feedback' started by Gxvoi, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. Gxvoi

    Gxvoi Novice Player

    There is a huge paintball community! There are already competitive paintball teams. There are like 100 paintball players on every day and are super active.
  2. Dolbeares

    Dolbeares Experienced Player

    Whats your discord? I can pm you the league
  3. ItsDiqmond_

    ItsDiqmond_ Novice Player

    Paintball isn't actually that popular as the other games. It is fun but usually they pick the big games and popular games.
  4. xLouis

    xLouis Novice Player

    Here at the MCL we're always open to consider new and future leagues - it however requires a lot of time and effort on both parts.

    With that being said if anyone has the Discord for any competitive scene for paintball of a paintball community discord, please PM me it on here or discord; louis#1959

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