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MS Open 2017

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Malfunction, Jul 24, 2017.

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  1. Malfunction

    Malfunction Oversight


    Hey everyone! Mineplex and the MCL are super excited to announce 2017's second official tournament: the MS Open 2017. Register your MineStrike team for the tournament between July 29 -- August 4 at midnight (EST). Teams of 5-8 players are allowed to register!

    The MS Open 2017 is the second collaboration between the MCL and Mineplex this year, and will bring the Mineplex community its first official MineStrike tournament ever! 64 teams will go head-to-head in single elimination and Swiss-style brackets until a champion is crowned. The winning team will walk away with thousands of XP, chests, rank upgrades, a never-before-seen 2017 Champion Knife skin, and a "2017 MineStrike Champion" in-game title.

    The MS Open 2017 will be much larger than Battle of the Bridges, meaning plenty more teams have the chance to play. Every game will be streamed and commentated live on the Mineplex Competitive League YouTube channel, and highlight reels will be uploaded to Mineplex's YouTube channel weekly.

    This latest Mineplex tournament is part of a greater plan to grow the competitive scene on Mineplex, a goal the MCL has been working towards for years. "Since the creation of Mineplex we've hosted many tournaments, but this year we made a commitment to create more. By partnering with MCL it has allowed us to continue supporting this initiative in bringing more competitive games to Mineplex," said BlueBeetleHD, Mineplex's Head of Staff.

    We know you're eager to play, so hurry over to the official MS Open 2017 website to register your team. Also, be sure to join the official MCL Tournament Discord to get updates and notifications for livestreams!

    MS Open 2017: https://open.mpcleague.com

    Tournament Discord: https://open.mpcleague.com/discord

    Mineplex Announcement: http://league.rip/mineplex

    Huge shoutout to @Webkinz for her work on the trailer, @Zap for his work on graphics, as well as all of our tournament staff. Drop a comment below if you've got questions! We'll be responding all day here and on the Mineplex Forums.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2017
  2. _Polarr

    _Polarr Guest

    Hey, I was just wondering what time the MS open would be taking place because of the possible interferences with school. That would be very helpful!

  3. Malfunction

    Malfunction Oversight

    Hey Polar, matches will begin on August 11. Matches will only take place on Saturdays and Sundays, but sometimes Friday if your team has opted in for that day.
  4. MLGPandaNoodles

    MLGPandaNoodles Novice Player

    where can I apply to get into the tournament
  5. FrenchWolf

    FrenchWolf Novice Player

    Just to know , Is there a date for the release of the bracket ?
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2017
  6. bagerboy22

    bagerboy22 Novice Player

    How do i sign up.(yes i know sign ups are august 4th) And when does the tournament start and end?
  7. bagerboy22

    bagerboy22 Novice Player

    Oh and how do we start a team
  8. Malfunction

    Malfunction Oversight

    Panda, you can register your team at https://open.mpcleague.com/register! Please make sure to read our tournament rules before applying.

    Heya French, the bracket will be released this weekend after registration closes!

    Bager, you can register your team at https://open.mpcleague.com/register, but hurry! Spots are limited. Registration closes at midnight (EST) on August 4. The tournament will start on August 11 and end on September 22.
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