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MCL & MPL Merge

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Mineplex League, Jul 17, 2017.

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    Good afternoon everyone!

    We’re proud to announce the Mineplex Competitive League will be merging with the Mineplex Premier League (MPL)! The MPL has been making waves in the competitive scene on Mineplex recently and it will be exciting to see what we can accomplish working together. With this merge comes lots of changes, and we think you’ll be happy to hear them.


    All current DPL teams will be transferred over to the CCL. Because some players are on teams in both leagues, we’ll be halting the league for one week while players decide which teams to stay on!

    Additionally, Season 6 will be ending today without any playoffs. Due to the influx of teams entering the CCL, it will be impossible to continue our normal season. Keep an eye out for our Season 7 announcement soon!

    We’re introducing a new CCL role — “Host”. Hosts will help the staff team run competitive games. This will ease the load on our Management and Referee teams, making it more convenient for you to find a game host!

    Our blacklist has been refreshed and significantly shortened. You can view the new blacklist here: https://ccl.mpcleague.com/blacklist. More information will be coming soon about a new rulebook & league system.

    Staff Team:
    • Director: Simulation
    • Management: _II_, BM5, Vilare, & eMoa
    • Referees: Jack, Nexep, Kane, Anna, & Externalize
    • Advisory: DankTheMeme, Intel_i7, Nexep, Siich, ThePower, DarkNinja_, Wyns, mepman9, aBillionPigis


    All current MSPL teams will be transferred over to the MineStrike League. Standings will remain the same. Any current teams in the MineStrike League will be required to re-apply to the league. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however we hope to see these MSCL teams back in the league soon.

    We’re introducing a new MSCL role — “Host”. Hosts will help the staff team run competitive games. This will ease the load on our Management and Referee teams, making it more convenient for you to find a game host! Previous "In-game Referees" in the MSPL are now Hosts for the MSCL.

    League Tournament: We will be continuing the placement tournament with the following games to be done:
    • FinalSpark vs Awakening
    • Storm Combat Pro vs No Girls Allowed

    We will also be releasing a new rulebook, new league information, and possible staff promotions in the coming days -- stay tuned! All things aside, we will be having a lot of exciting stuff for you guys soon.

    Some of our current MSCL staff will be staying, however many current MSPL staff will be making the jump to our team. Please welcome our new MSCL staff team!

    Staff Team:
    • Director: HelloItsMeJack
    • Management: Ausssi, Chr1mz, NuNoBL, adeelzee, & Jesusman3
    • Referees: DoodZ, xTummy, Raydnn, Ben (MetalMaster), 1Ryan
    • Advisory: Surf, OneShot_, Balt, Will, Dandotexe, DoodZ, illi, Sw1ck
    • Hosts: Defi, Alohy, Balt, Base, David (Fence), Hide, Zane, VenJ, Mysticcrew, Dwarzon, Simul (John)


    For the most part, the BCL will remain exactly the same as it is now! The MCL will continue to grow and support the BCL as a core component of its competitive base.

    Staff Structure: We’re modifying our internal structure significantly. The Global Director position has now been removed, with a 5-person Global Manager panel replacing the previous Global Team structure. Please welcome our new Global Team:
    • adeelzee (MSCL)
    • eMoa (CCL)
    • Vilare (CCL)
    • xLouis (BCL)
    • Jesusman3 (MSCL)
    Our current Global Director, Malfunction, will become our new Director of Public Relations & Marketing! He’ll be shifting focus to continue growing the league’s social media presence, website functionality, and interactions with Mineplex.

    Sub-Teams: The MCL will also be adding a bunch of new Media and Developer personnel, which will go hand-in-hand with our goal to grow our online presence.

    Last but not least, the MCL would like to personally thank you. None of this would be possible without your support and participation. Throughout this merge, our focus has always been to put you first before anything political.

    Special Thanks:
    • to Charlotte, a long-standing CCL Manager who has helped shape the league to where it is today.
    • to Anthony, an amazing backend developer who has contributed significantly to our current websites.
    • to Hylore, for facilitating this merge.
    • to Nathan and Josh, for supporting the MCL from within Mineplex always.
    • to You, for being in this league and sticking with us for so long.

    More big news coming soon!
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  2. Woreor

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    =Darn you woreor
  4. kane

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  6. itsHypehh

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    Should be fun :thumbs:
  7. Kwangchow

    Kwangchow Novice Player

    Daddy Siich Blacklist me harder
  8. Newo

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  9. Sich

    Sich Experienced Player

    Happy to see the community together again, good things will come out of this.
  10. Nicole_G7475

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    This is a step in the right direction as they say for the MCL.
  11. Wyns

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  13. Soccer

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    They handled the minestrike part well, I am glad.
  14. ElSH

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