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CCL Looking for a team.

Discussion in 'Free Agent Profiles' started by linusgames, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. linusgames

    linusgames Novice Player

    Hello I'm LinusGames,
    My main kit us knight, I can also play with brute if you want.
    I play almost 4 years mineplex, I can also give proof if you want.

    And I have a microphone.

    I'm now 16 years old and i live in Belgium.
    That mean that my English is not very good.

    My previous team was company 9 a CCL Team.
    I early played in a BCL team but we stopped the project before the competition started.

    My stats are:
    LVL: 55
    CW wins: 200
    Champions wins: 750

    My discord: LinusGames#6612

    I hope that someone will contact me.
    I'm also interested in a CWCL team.

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