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MSCL Looking For A Team.

Discussion in 'Free Agent Profiles' started by DrunkLogan, May 18, 2018.

  1. DrunkLogan

    DrunkLogan Novice Player

    IGN: AStepIntoReality

    Age: 19

    Time Zone: EST

    Roles: IGL & Rifler

    KDR & W/L Ratio: KDR is 12403/9846 which roughly estimates to about 1.26. W/L ratio 1017/1577 in Pub games.

    Experience: I've been a member of MSCL back in S2 with a bunch of old teams and came a long way. I've been on a lot of teams some examples being Phoenix, Nameless, Alitra, C6, etc. I enjoy playing the game and have my fair share of enraging or exciting moments in my MS history. I have played in AR's and casuals and been in some comps as well and I try to strive for teamwork and to be extremely positive in any type of situation. I love to Rifle and IGL since it's what I've stuck with since day 1.

    Other: Uncommon Internet issues but it happens every now and then. I do have a mic and will talk whenever requested. I am looking for a US team but can play EU as well.

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