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BCL hit ur boy up w/ a team

Discussion in 'Free Agent Profiles' started by xCakez, May 29, 2018.

  1. xCakez

    xCakez Experienced Player

    yo your boy matt aka oofskrt needs a team

    ign: oofskrt
    discord: oofskrt | matt#7996
    age: 12
    kits: i can play all kits, but im willing to main 1 for a team
    past teams: (BCL) Nike, TBG, Royalty, Diabetics, Apex (CCL) Excelsior (CWCL) Thunder
    time zone: MTZ (UTC -7)
    mic: Yes
    other info: i play all of those kits really well, however archer is most likely my worst kit :/

    let your boy on a team
  2. Vqse

    Vqse Experienced Player

    you forgot dawn in ur team history
  3. xCakez

    xCakez Experienced Player

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