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CWCL Ghost Recruitment

Discussion in 'Team Recruitment' started by SkittlesTM, Oct 24, 2019.

  1. SkittlesTM

    SkittlesTM League Host


    BOO! Did we scare you? No, okay back to business. Have you ever wanted to join a team with multiple leagues in it? Well, our team currently has CWCL as of now. We plan to add BCL, CCL, and MSCL in the upcoming months so we can grow into CWCL first. Our goal is to provide a fun and efficient environment for our team and to ensure our team does the best they can.

    This is for the team as a whole. We want our users to act as responsible and mature as possible. This also goes for when playing any scrims and etc.

    - You must be responsible and mature.
    - You must be able to be active.
    - You must be able to be decent at PvP.
    - You must be able to represent us as a fun and outgoing team.

    - You shouldn't constantly be blacklisted from the PDCL.
    - Always be your best.

    This is for the CWCL. Please make sure you've read the CWCL rulebook before requesting to join our team.

    - You must be decent at PvP.
    - You must have at least the Warrior kit.
    - You must have 50 and about 100 kills.
    - You must be an active Cake Wars player.
    - If you are a host or referee, we need some on our team.

    We will add requirements for the other leagues as soon as we are able to get everything running first. If you'd like to recruit, you can add me on Discord @ SkittlesTM#0001.

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