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CCL Free Agent: evildoer

Discussion in 'Free Agent Profiles' started by Evildoer, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Evildoer

    Evildoer Novice Player

    IGN: evildoer
    Age: 14
    Discord: evildoer#0001
    Kit(s): I main brute and have the most experience and enjoy playing this the most, but can play knight well. I'm also a decent clans assassin, I played a lot of it because it was the meta.
    Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)
    Region: US
    Previous Team: N/A, I'm new to the league and never wanted to get into CCL up until now. I have played Clans since beta and enjoyed it but now want to branch out to the other side of champions.
    Microphone: Yes
    Activity: I am extremely active, I do prioritize school and hanging out with friends but am still free everyday for at least four to five hours. I enjoy this game and need some more things to help out with. If I make it onto your team you can expect to see me at every practice unless told days in advance that I will not be able to attend.

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