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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Dev, Jun 9, 2019.

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  1. Dev

    Dev Chief Executive Officer


    I come to you today with an announcement that is very heartfelt. Our current PDCL Chairman, Vilare (Chris), is officially resigning from all staff positions in the PDCL as of today. Chris began his work in what was known at the time as the MCL in 2014. Since then, Chris worked his way up the chain of command, from management, to Director, and then eventually Global, and yet once farther as the Global Director and now Chairman of the PDCL. Chris has facilitated and watched the PDCL grow and develop throughout the years, even going under an entire rebrand and new partnership with those at Podcrash +. Chris has truly done so much for the PDCL, a lot of which the regular player may not see. Chris’ resignation should not only be read in a heartfelt manner, but everyone should also be proud of him for all the work he has done, all the memories he has given, and all of the countless hours he has put into these five leagues. Thank you once again Chris, from the players, the Staff Team, and especially the Global Team for all you have done for us.

    Global Statements

    It comes with great sadness that I’m even making this message. Knowing what you’ve done for the MCL / PDCL is astronomical and motivates me to go even higher. From me getting suspended from CWCL Head Referee I never expected reaching where I am now but it’s all thanks to your help. Everything you’ve done for me has not only helped me through difficult situations but taught me how to handle the foreseeable future. Your leadership has come a long way and benefited not only the Global team but the entire staff team and community. When you offered me Leadership I knew I’d be working very close with you & learn a lot of new things. I only hope for the best for your future. Never forget that I’m a better director LLL.



    I’ve known this day was coming for quite some time, but I never expected it to come so soon. When I first met you, you were completely different than you are now. From the first time meeting you as a regular player to seeing where you are now, it’s actually crazy. I appreciate everything you’ve done from me, from the beginning of my time as staff to now. Just starting out as a referee in CCL and moving into media, I know I’ve made the right choices and have learned quite a few things from you. I know you’ll still be around so it’s not a complete farewell from me. I’ll make sure to still bother you to the point of you finally responding to me! <i>Insert one of the multiple dumb jokes we’ve made in interviews.</i>

    -Counselor Courtney

    Thank you for the opportunity for global, Chris! I do believe that if you put your mind to it, you can do great in the real world. You do have the right mind for business. You did good things for PDCL, including expanding the league, hosting tournaments, and even getting a partnership!

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