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CCL Evolved Recruitment

Discussion in 'Team Recruitment' started by Nexep, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. Nexep

    Nexep Global Manager


    Evolved is a newly formed Competitive Domination Team currently lead by Vilare, Zaptos and me (Nexep). We are both seasoned CCL players and Global Managers of the MCL and, after winning our first competitive match, have decided to create a recruitment thread to bring new people on into our family.

    We are currently accepting anyone that fulfills the listed requirements:

    - Has a fair amount of CCL experience
    - Has at least basic knowledge of map callouts
    - Has fairly good gamesense
    - Able to listen and follow directions from the side shotcaller
    - Has a useable microphone

    If you fulfill the requirements above and are interested in joining Evolved, please reply below following this format:

    In Game Name:
    Previous Teams:
    Time In CCL:

    If you have any questions, please PM me (Joe#9302) on Discord.
    Thank You!

    Last edited: Jun 21, 2018
  2. Ramed

    Ramed League Host

    Discord: Ramed#9757
    Age: 15
    In Game Name: minemandestroyer
    Kit(s): Ranger/Knight
    Previous Teams: Hadal
    Time In CCL: A year but didn't really get into until a few months ago
  3. Vilare

    Vilare Global Director

    Denied thanks for applying.
  4. Kian/Cortaid

    Kian/Cortaid Novice Player

    Discord: Cortaid#6184


    14 turning 15

    Assassin, Ranger, Brute, and Knight.

    Previous Teams:
    Hexel, Reliant, Vortex, BB, and some random other t5 teams.

    Time in Ccl:
    I would say about 1.5 yrs or 2 something like that.

    My Reason:
    I know this is late by a decent amount of days, but I would like to get back into the CCL at a fresh start with a good team. I've been looking forward to this and hope that this is enough to get me in.

  5. Nexep

    Nexep Global Manager

    Your trial has been accepted! Please be on the lookout for a private message on discord .
  6. Wiilyy

    Wiilyy Novice Player

    In Game Name:xWiily
    Kit(s):Ranger main but can heavy or support mage
    Previous Teams: Delta
    Time In CCL: Technically 2 years, but took a break from CCL for a while.
  7. Nexep

    Nexep Global Manager

    Your trial has been accepted! Please friend me on discord and be on the lookout for any private messages.

    Discord: Joe#9302
  8. Rockerman

    Rockerman Experienced Player

  9. LFT

    LFT League Manager

  10. Wi5

    Wi5 Novice Player

    In Game Name:Wi5
    Kit(s):Brute, Sin (Assassin)
    Previous Teams:None, Looking for very competitive team. Dadocraft clans player.
    Time In CCL: No experience. Very competitive player in casual games.

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