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BCL Best BCL Destructor and Tier 1 Flex

Discussion in 'Free Agent Profiles' started by JayBird, May 20, 2018.

  1. JayBird

    JayBird Novice Player

    Yo what's going on guys ItsBird here looking for a BCL team for Season 5.

    What to call me: Call me Bird (or Jay idc)
    My age: 15
    Discord (PM ME BROS): Bird#5108
    Gender: I'm a female with a stick in-between my legs, problem?
    Teams: Distortion (11+ months cause I'm loyal) and Donuts

    I play every kit at the same level or better than someone who mains said kit, so you better play me every kit thanks <3 xoxo rawr xD gottem

    -8k on FS
    -6k on Venganza (TWICE)
    -6k on Noiseless Apes
    - Lot more high kill games just 2 lazy to throw them in here
    -Played every kit in Comp (Destructor 3 times & Bomber once)
    -40 Diamonds on Ori
    -12 and 30 Tacos, 35 Sliders, 130 Chicken McNuggets, 12000 Scones
    -Professional Meme Maker
    - Frozen twice
    -Tier 1 Rank 1 in CWCL & Advisor in MBCL :sunglasses:
    + Many More

    Expecting like 100,000+ messages and DMs so you better be good if you want me !!! THANKS

    LOOK AT THIS: https://imgur.com/a/vh53rAt

    Combo on eMoa: https://gph.is/2J5mIm4
    Last edited: May 20, 2018
  2. claire

    claire League Host

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