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Battle of The Bridges: Winter Haven

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Rommel, Nov 19, 2017.

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  1. Rommel

    Rommel Novice Player

    Hey, everyone!

    It's about time we host another tournament, but not just any tournament. This tournament is part 2 of our original Battle of The Bridges, except during winter. This tournament is completely different than our first one, which is why it'll be bigger and better! :mcl:

    About the Tournament
    The BoTB: Winter Haven Tournament will consist of 64 teams. Lasting from November-Late December (right before New Years). We will have Tournament Management & Coordinators to help with the tournament operations and we will have Tournament Referees to help with game and match management.

    Tournament Structure
    This tournament is going to be Single Stage - Single Elimination, meaning that contestants will start on the bracket rather than Group Stages (like the previous BoTB Tournament - click here for an example).

    Round 1 will be best of 1 and played in the first 1st weekend when the tournament starts. We will have 8 Referees rotating 4 times:
    1-8 at 9:30am - 10:30am
    9-16 at 11am-12pm
    17-24 at 12:30pm-1:30pm
    25-32 at 2pm-3pm​

    Round 2 will be best of 1 and played on the 2nd Weekend of the tournament. We will have 8 referees rotating 2 times:
    33-40 at 12:30pm-1:30pm
    41-48 at 2pm-3pm

    Round 3 will be best of 3 and played on the 3rd Weekend of the tournament. We will have 8 referees set for the 8 games:
    49-56 at 1pm-3pm

    Round 4 will be best of 3 and played on the 4th Weekend of the Tournament. We will have 2 referees per match:
    57-60 at 1pm-3pm

    Semifinals will be best of 5 and played on the 5th Weekend of the Tournament. We will have 2 Coordinators and 4 Referees per match.
    61-62 at 12pm-3pm

    Finals / 3rd Place Match will be best of 5 and played on the 6th (last) weekend of the Tournament. We will have all 4 coordinators on the 3rd Place match and all of the management (Coordinators/Management) on the Final.
    3rd Place Match at 12:00pm-3pm
    Final at 3:30pm-6:30pm

    Tournament Schedule & Registrations
    The tournament will start on Nov 25th and end Dec 30th. Exactly six weeks(/weekends) for each match to be played, give a week interval for teams that competed that week to prepare for the following weekend (if they moved on).

    Registrations will open on Nov 18th, and close Nov 23.
    • 64 teams total - 8 players minimum | 12 maximum
    • One main point of contact (Leader) & Second point of contact (will speak and make the decision for the team if the main is unavailable).
    No exceptions will be made.

    Rules & Regulations
    Kit Restrictions:
    • A1) The following skills/kits are banned from the tournament:
      • Archer - 2 Maximum
      • Berserker - 3 Maximum
      • Brawler - 3 Maximum
      • Appler - 2 Maximum
      • Destructor - 3 Maximum
      • Bomber - 2 Maximum
      • Miner - Unlimited
    • A2) In addition to the above kit restrictions, these restrictions apply to all-tournament gameplay:
      • A2a) No excessive skybasing/camping on an island (determined by a referee)
      • A2b) No breaking bridges in order to keep players away from your island (Especially with bomber kit)
      • A2c) No traps that enclose players in tight areas without escape (spleef and slab traps)
        - Players cannot hit or shoot through slabs to hit a player, or trap players in tight enclosed areas to kill them easily with the use of slabs.
        - Teams cannot use slabs to prevent the other team from placing blocks down.
      • A2d) Last player standing determines the winner
      • A2e) In a team V team match, they must be adjacent to each other
      • A2f) No duping of any kind (arrow duping / TNT/ bows/swords)
      • A2g) No ghosting (EX: telling players playing what the other team's kits are when the person telling the player is spectating)
      • A2h) Bomber kit is not allowed on Raeburshire Citadel, and Icelands.
      • A2i) No more than 3 miners are allowed on Raeburshire Citadel.

    This tournament has a 1st Place prize of a $500 Mineplex Store Gift Card* that will be split up into the winning team. Something that Mineplex has never done before!

    1st Place $500 MP Store Gift Card*, '2017 Haven Champion' exclusive in-game title, 2017 Haven Champion Mineplex Forum tag

    2nd Place 4 Illuminated Chests & 1 Game Amplifier

    3rd Place 3 Mythical Chests
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2017
  2. Newo

    Newo Novice Player

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  3. TeamOk

    TeamOk Novice Player

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  4. porkie

    porkie Novice Player

  5. Cool

    Cool Guest

    YES I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THE BOTB, also question can blacklisted players play?
  6. Rommel

    Rommel Novice Player

    Yes, blacklisted players can play!
  7. alfie

    alfie Guest

    Good luck everyone!
  8. vxa

    vxa Novice Player

  9. xCakez

    xCakez Experienced Player

  10. xMems

    xMems Guest

    Hey Its ChurchKickBall, Can i Join your team for the tourny
  11. Hide

    Hide Experienced Player

    Can't wait, thanks for letting blacklisted players play.
  12. Khilan

    Khilan Experienced Player

  13. Panada

    Panada Novice Player

    8 Minimum or 10?
  14. Yodamustibe

    Yodamustibe Novice Player

    so how does one sign up for this?
  15. Rommel

    Rommel Novice Player

    Look at the REGISTER YOUR TEAM link.
  16. Rommel

    Rommel Novice Player

    10 minimum, 15 max.
  17. Yodamustibe

    Yodamustibe Novice Player

    what Time Zone are those times?
  18. Rommel

    Rommel Novice Player

    It's all EST timezones.
  19. Chiefblaze

    Chiefblaze Novice Player

    If I were to submit a team roster a day before the deadline would I be guaranteed a spot or is it first come?
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