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BCL 8x4 Ft Pent Metal Color Shed

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    Our History
    Guangzhou Teaky Metal Products Co., Ltd was founded in 2006 and has engaged in the development and manufacturing gardening buildings, with an impressive range of greenhouses, gardening sheds, stages, shelves and other gardening tools to suit each need, style, or different gardens.
    What’s more, our products built to last and feature unique designs offering you value for money, have been sold in the Europe, America, Canada, Japan, Australia and so on. Besides our item with the standard size, our expert design staff can also develop new items according to clients' specific requirements.
    With the principle of 'Quality first, delivery on time', we always serve customers with heart and soul, and we believe in treating our customers like partners. Our relationships are build on trust and a mutual understanding that as our partner's business grows and prospers, so do we. We are constantly searching for a win/win result for our partners and ourselves.
    Welcome to contact us, you will undoubtedly enjoy our high quality products and enthusiastic services!
    Our factory
    Our company is our factory!That means we could do the best price and control the quality on time.
    We have 2700 square meters area for produce and storage.Skillful workers and good machines leading good quality products and on time delivery.If you come to our factory,you could find that our workers are all experienced and efficient.We would make a meeting with the workers every week,to find where has problems,and where we do better.If we have developed some new product,our technician would train them how to do and what should be pay attention.
    About our machine.We have two cutting machine to cut the steel sheet.several punching machine to punch holes on our products.Two bending machine to make parts into its shape.And one corrugate making machine to save production time.And we have one advanced Laxer Cutting Machine to make complex parts,that makes us more easily to develop new products.
    Our factory could produce 1000 metal sheds monthly, or 10000 metal garden beds. If you want to customized your product.We have profession designer and technician.
    Welcome to contact us, you will undoubtedly enjoy our high quality products and enthusiastic services!
    Our products
    Production Equipment8x4 Ft Pent Metal Color Shed

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