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Podcrash Competitive League

The official discussion board of the Podcrash Competitive League, the worldwide competitive Minecraft network.



I come to you today with an announcement that is very heartfelt. Our current PDCL Chairman, Vilare (Chris), is officially resigning from all staff positions in the PDCL as of today. Chris began his work in what was known at the time as the MCL in 2014. Since then, Chris worked his way up the chain of command, from management, to Director, and then eventually Global, and yet once farther as the Global Director and now Chairman of the PDCL. Chris has facilitated and watched the PDCL grow and develop throughout the years, even going under an entire rebrand and new partnership with those at Podcrash +. Chris has truly done so much for the PDCL, a lot of which the regular player may not see. Chris’ resignation should not only be read in a heartfelt manner, but everyone should also be proud of him for all the work he has done, all the memories he has given, and all of the countless hours he has put into these five leagues. Thank you once again Chris, from the players, the Staff Team, and especially the Global Team for all you have done for us.

Global Statements

It comes with great sadness that I’m even making this message. Knowing what you’ve done for the MCL / PDCL is astronomical and motivates me to go even higher. From me getting suspended from CWCL Head Referee I never expected reaching where I am now but it’s all thanks to your help. Everything you’ve done for me has not only helped me through difficult situations but taught me how to handle the foreseeable future. Your leadership has come a long way and benefited not only the Global team but the entire staff team and community. When you offered me Leadership I knew I’d be working very close with you & learn a lot of new things. I only hope for the best for your future. Never forget that I’m a better director LLL.


Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce that we are kicking off the brand new year with a brand new tournament for you all today! Introducing Clash of The Cakes!

Clash of The Cakes (CoTC) is the 4th official tournament hosted by the Mineplex Competitive League. It is officially sponsored and promoted by Mineplex. CoTC is a tournament based on the current year-long operating game of Cake Wars. The game was started as a 4-way battle where you and 3 other players would obtain resources, contest for mid, and try and capture or eat the other team's cakes. The last standing team would be proclaimed as the winner. As the game continued to grow and develop, the CWCL was then officially endorsed by the MCL on April 14th, 2018. This league started like many other leagues have, a community in love with a game. After wanting a more competitive environment for their game, a handful of those community members decided to create the CWCL. Since its early days in November of last year, it was clear that competitive Cake Wars was a very popular choice for players in Mineplex, and the Mineplex Leadership Team along with the MCL 100% agree! So without further ado, I present to you our first Cake Wars tournament Clash of The Cakes!

Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and register! Don’t be the person who misses out and sign up below, along with checking out our other links!


1st place:
exclusive Red Cake particles, exclusive “Frosted Cake Crusades Victor” title, a custom sword name and 30,000 experience.

2nd place: exclusive Red Cake particles, 20,000 experience, and 7 Illuminated Chests.

3rd place: exclusive Red Cake particles, 10,000 experience, and 5 Illuminated Chests.

Team Registrations
The tournament team registrations will be handled and processed by Tournament...


Hello everyone! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy your time with your friends and family as that is very important, however here at the MCL work never stops and I am here to present to you our Christmas present to you all as a community, that being us teaming up with Podcrash to bring to you our newest project, Podcrash Competitive League (PDCL)!

I know we just rebranded into Minecraft Competitive League, but with our expansion, we decided we will need a lot more resources on our side to continue to provide for you all the competitive experience you deserve. In order to do this, we decided cohesively with our partners at Podcrash to rebrand ourselves into the Podcrash Competitive League and become an official component of the Podcrash Company.

So you may be asking, why would we do that? Aren’t they just a mod? Well to many’s surprise, Podcrash+, the mod we all know of in our community, is not all this company has to offer! Podcrash is a company ran by Callum and serves as the umbrella term for several different organizations such as their Media Team, Build Team, Development Team, and now their Competitive Organization. With this change we are launching today, we will be able to use their resources to build a much greater competitive experience within this community, one that shatters the very idea of Competitive not only in Minecraft but potentially across the entire gaming industry.

You will see many changes in terms of how we operate due to this especially in the quality in terms of our media presence, use of Podcrash+ with its update in order to run better for all players, and a much wider audience to present ourselves to. So if you are a new face who follows Podcrash and is seeing us for the first time welcome aboard and get ready for a wild ride!...

Hey, everyone!

It's about time we host another tournament, but not just any tournament. This tournament is part 2 of our original Battle of The Bridges, except during winter. This tournament is completely different than our first one, which is why it'll be bigger and better! :mcl:

About the Tournament
The BoTB: Winter Haven Tournament will consist of 64 teams. Lasting from November-Late December (right before New Years). We will have Tournament Management & Coordinators to help with the tournament operations and we will have Tournament Referees to help with game and match management.

Tournament Structure
This tournament is going to be Single Stage - Single Elimination, meaning that contestants will start on the bracket rather than Group Stages (like the previous BoTB Tournament - click here for an example).

Round 1 will be best of 1 and played in the first 1st weekend when the tournament starts. We will have 8 Referees rotating 4 times:
1-8 at 9:30am - 10:30am
9-16 at 11am-12pm
17-24 at 12:30pm-1:30pm
25-32 at 2pm-3pm​

Round 2 will be best of 1 and played on the 2nd Weekend of the tournament. We will have 8 referees rotating 2 times:
33-40 at 12:30pm-1:30pm
41-48 at 2pm-3pm

Wow, it's weird typing this. But, hey everyone!

For those who don't know me, let me introduce myself - I'm Rommel (or GUNZxNxROSEZ). I was previously a CCL Trial Manager and worked my way up to Global. For those who were here, I am one of the "originals" who created the Global Manager position along with @Malfunction. I resigned from my Global Manager position in May of 2017 because I did not have enough time to fulfill my duties and responsibilities as a Global Manager.

Even though several months have passed, I have a lot more time now and can't help but come back to the MCL. I'm also glad to announce my reinstatement with @Malfunction, who was previously a Global Manager. Read his message below.

@Malfunction: "Thanks for the warm welcome, Rommel! I might be a slightly more familiar face to you since I've been operating as the MCL's Director of Marketing and Development for the past couple of months. My story is very similar to Rommel's - I started off as a CCL Manager years back, but rose to become CCL Director, MCL Global Manager, MCL Global Director, and Director of Marketing and Development. I'm very proud to announce I'll be returning as a Global Manager.

I used to joke that Rommel and I were a 'dream team' back when we were both Global Managers. I can confidently say that's true again, and I'm looking forward to accomplishing great things with our current staff.

I'm here to make the MCL the best competitive Minecraft experience in the world, and working with our new Global Team will make that happen."

We all want to give special thanks to Louis and Adeel, two hard-working Global Managers that will be resigning alongside these new promotions. This community would be nowhere without them.

Hey everyone! Mineplex and the MCL are super excited to announce 2017's second official tournament: the MS Open 2017. Register your MineStrike team for the tournament between July 29 -- August 4 at midnight (EST). Teams of 5-8 players are allowed to register!

The MS Open 2017 is the second collaboration between the MCL and Mineplex this year, and will bring the Mineplex community its first official MineStrike tournament ever! 64 teams will go head-to-head in single elimination and Swiss-style brackets until a champion is crowned. The winning team will walk away with thousands of XP, chests, rank upgrades, a never-before-seen 2017 Champion Knife skin, and a "2017 MineStrike Champion" in-game title.

The MS Open 2017 will be much larger than Battle of the Bridges, meaning plenty more teams have the chance to play. Every game will be streamed and commentated live on the Mineplex Competitive League YouTube channel, and highlight reels will be uploaded to Mineplex's YouTube channel weekly.

This latest Mineplex tournament is part of a greater plan to grow the competitive scene on Mineplex, a goal the MCL has been working towards for years. "Since the creation of Mineplex we've hosted many tournaments, but this year we made a commitment to create more. By partnering with MCL it has allowed us to continue supporting this initiative in bringing more competitive games to Mineplex," said BlueBeetleHD, Mineplex's Head of Staff.

We know you're eager to play, so hurry over to the official MS Open 2017 website to register your team. Also, be sure to join the official MCL Tournament Discord to get updates and notifications for livestreams!

MS Open 2017:...
Good afternoon everyone!

We’re proud to announce the Mineplex Competitive League will be merging with the Mineplex Premier League (MPL)! The MPL has been making waves in the competitive scene on Mineplex recently and it will be exciting to see what we can accomplish working together. With this merge comes lots of changes, and we think you’ll be happy to hear them.


All current DPL teams will be transferred over to the CCL. Because some players are on teams in both leagues, we’ll be halting the league for one week while players decide which teams to stay on!

Additionally, Season 6 will be ending today without any playoffs. Due to the influx of teams entering the CCL, it will be impossible to continue our normal season. Keep an eye out for our Season 7 announcement soon!

We’re introducing a new CCL role — “Host”. Hosts will help the staff team run competitive games. This will ease the load on our Management and Referee teams, making it more convenient for you to find a game host!

Our blacklist has been refreshed and significantly shortened. You can view the new blacklist here: https://ccl.mpcleague.com/blacklist. More information will be coming soon about a new rulebook & league system.

Staff Team:
  • Director: Simulation
  • Management: _II_, BM5, Vilare, & eMoa
  • Referees: Jack, Nexep, Kane, Anna, & Externalize
  • Advisory: DankTheMeme, Intel_i7, Nexep, Siich, ThePower, DarkNinja_, Wyns, mepman9, aBillionPigis


All current MSPL teams will be transferred over to the MineStrike League. Standings will remain the same. Any current teams in the MineStrike League will be required to re-apply to the league. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however we hope to see these MSCL teams back in the league soon.

We’re introducing a new...

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