Mineplex Competitive League

Good afternoon everyone!

We’re proud to announce the Mineplex Competitive League will be merging with the Mineplex Premier League (MPL)! The MPL has been making waves in the competitive scene on Mineplex recently and it will be exciting to see what we can accomplish working together. With this merge comes lots of changes, and we think you’ll be happy to hear them.


All current DPL teams will be transferred over to the CCL. Because some players are on teams in both leagues, we’ll be halting the league for one week while players decide which teams to stay on!

Additionally, Season 6 will be ending today without any playoffs. Due to the influx of teams entering the CCL, it will be impossible to continue our normal season. Keep an eye out for our Season 7 announcement soon!

We’re introducing a new CCL role — “Host”. Hosts will help the staff team run competitive games. This will ease the load on our Management and Referee teams, making it more convenient for you to find a game host!

Our blacklist has been refreshed and significantly shortened. You can view the new blacklist here: https://ccl.mpcleague.com/blacklist. More information will be coming soon about a new rulebook & league system.

Staff Team:
  • Director: Simulation
  • Management: _II_, BM5, Vilare, & eMoa
  • Referees: Jack, Nexep, Kane, Anna, & Externalize
  • Advisory: DankTheMeme, Intel_i7, Nexep, Siich, ThePower, DarkNinja_, Wyns, mepman9, aBillionPigis


All current MSPL teams will be transferred over to the MineStrike League. Standings will remain the same. Any current teams in the MineStrike League will be required to re-apply to the league. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however we hope to see these MSCL teams back in the league soon.

We’re introducing a new...

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